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Hvitarnes hut,ITA Kjolur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.6143841° N 19.7570993° W

The Hvitarnes hut was the first to be built by the Iceland Touring Association in 1930. It is located 425 meters above mean sea level. It comprises the ground floor with two sleeping rooms, a kitchen and the entrance, the attic with mattresses on the floor and a small room. In the kitchen is a gas stove and a log stove, but no utensils. A WC is in a separate house and the warden lives in another small house.

Some of the overnight visitors of the hut claim to be aware of the ghost of a young woman, especially if they occupy a special bed. This woman is said to have died of exposure fetching water during a snow storm.

Camping is near Hvitarnes Hut.

The view from the hut is breathtaking, and this hut is the starting or end spot of hikes on the ancient Kjolur Route.

Hvitarnes hut is 6 km from Kjolur route bus stops.

GPS co-ordinates: N 63°51.470 -W 19°13.640.

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Hut Hvitarnes
25. June – 5. September.
Adult  / Sleeping bag : Ikr. 7500.00
Children 7-15 years :  (50.0%)

Camping Hvitarnes
Price Per person.
Ikr. 2800.-

Contact Information
Tel.: +354 655-017

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Sources and Photo Credit: The ITA website and Wikimedia Commons

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