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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.813333° N 19.75° W

About Jokulfall

River Jokulfall is also called Jokulkvisl. Several rivulets from the southwestern corner of the glacier Hofsjokull and Rivers Innri- and Fremri-Arskardsa feed it. The westernmost of the glacier rivulets is River Blakvisl (Blue River), which cascades into River Jokulfall over the Ogress’ Waterfall (Gygjarfoss). The discharge area covers about 380 km² and the average flow is 25-30 m³/sec.

The river is bridged directly above the waterfall Hvinur to allow an easy access to the Ogress’ Mountain Massif (Kerlingarfjoll) from the main road across the Kjolur Area. River Jokulfall joins River Hvita just south of Lake Hvitarvatn.

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