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The Myth of Holy Grail on Kjolur Route

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.838420° N 19.734021° W

In 2004, a team of Italian researchers began an excavation in Iceland searching for a secret chamber that apparently had been filled with sacred books and objects from the Temple of Jerusalem. The search for the Holy Grail, which is associated with Christ’s Last Supper, legends of the Holy Chalice, the Knights Templar, and special powers, has continued ceaselessly throughout the ages.
Are the Holy Grail in the Valley of Thieves? or in the mountain range Kerlingarfjoll? or by the river Jökulfall? or near Hveravellir?
In 2021, a team of Italian came again to searching for a secret chamber.

The Kjolur area (600-700m) lies between the Langjokull glacier in the west and the Hofsjokull glacier in the east, the glacial river Hvita in the south and river Seydisa in the north. In the east and the south are barren remnants from the Ice age, gray moraines, and low mountains decorate the otherwise plateau like landscape, which is ideal for shorter or longer hikes between huts.

Kjolur area was known for Outlaws – Thieves – Ghosts And Evil Spirits.

The whole area was much more vegetated, but was desolated by overgrazing.
On a fine day the panoramic view from the Kjolur route is excellent.

There are several huts on the way across and most of them belong the Icelandic Touring Association.

The Kjolur Route distance between the Golden Waterfalls in the south and the first farm in the north Svarta is about 200 km.

Kjolur Route

Myth of Holy Grail in Icelandic

Check conditions on Road F-35 Kjolur Route or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777.

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