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Thverbrekknamuli hut ITA, Kjolur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.72° N 19.82° W

The Thverbrekknamuli hut is situated southeast of Mt Hrutfell, near river Fulakvisl. It is near the middle of the hiking trail on the ancient Kjolur Route. The hut was built in 1980 and accommodates 20 people. The house is heated with gas and an oil-stove. There are no utensils in the house and visitors have to take garbage with them. A WC is near the hut and a latrine for winter travellers a bit further away.

The fifth bridge across river Fulakvisl was built in 2005. The others have either been swept away by floods or not withstood the weight of the winter snow.

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Mountain Hut Thverbrekknamuli
25. June – 5. September.
Adult / Sleeping bag : 7.500.00
Children 7-15 years :  (50.0%)

Camping Thverbrekknamuli
Price Per person.
Ikr. 2800.-

Contact Information

Tel.: +354-568 2533

Thverbrakknamuli in Icelandic

Source and Photo Credit: The ITA website and Wikimedia Commons.

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