Hvitarskali Mountain Hut





Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.5932° N 19.8438° W

Lake Hvitarvatn has an area of 29,4 km². Its greatest depth is 84 m and it is situated 421 m above sea level at the eastern edge of the country’s second largest glacier, Langjokull, in the central highlands. Its discharge is the glacial river Hvita, which contains the famous Golden Waterfalls. One of three main roads crossing the central highlands, The Kjalvegur route (F37), passes to the south and east of the lake and it is accessible from that road in two places. On lake Hvitarvatn you can expect one of the most spectacular sceneries in the country on a fine day.

The catch consists of lake char, 1-5 pounders. A fishing lodge is located on the river Svarta and the oldest tourist hut of the Icelandic Tourist Association (1928) is on river Tjarnara.
Sagas of IcelandSome people, who probably are more sensitive than others, claim to have seen or been aware of a ghost roaming about in the hut during the night. The lake is netted regularly.

The distance from the capital is about 157 km.

Kjolur Route self drive
Starting from Gullfoss

Hvitarvatn in Icelandic

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