Tindfjallasel. Hungurfit

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.78° N 19.47° W
Hiking time:
Length: km
Elevation: m
Highest Point: m

Tindfjallasel, Hungurfit
replaces the older cabin of the Air Rescue Squad. This cabin opens up new possibilities for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities in this magnificent area. This is a 30-person cabin that is well-suited for base trips, whether on cross-country skis in winter or for summer hikes. It will be easier to go on longer trips where you walk over Tindfjoll and on to Hungurfit and Dalakofa.

The history of Tindfjoll as an outdoor recreation area has a long history. Mountaineers led by Gudmundur from Middal visited this area in the middle of the last century and built the first hut in Tindfjoll in 1941. The best known peaks in the area are Ymir and Yma, but others include Saxi, Buri, Haki, Hornklofi, Sindri and Asgrindur. not to mention Tindi from which the area takes its name. So here are plenty of peaks to climb.

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Tindfjallasel in Icelandic

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