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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.68072° N 19.482622° W

Summer pastures Teigstungur stretch up to the edge of the glacier tongues between Rivers Krossa to the north and Tungnakvisl to the south. The glacier snouts Krossarjokull and Tungnakvislarjokull are also a part of the frame, although they retreated considerably during the 20th century. The variety of the vegetation and its quick development in the wake of the retreating ice is one of nature’s wonders. The sources of River Krossa appear at the edges of both glacier tongues. The southern branch usually is larger and was bridged, because it sometimes becomes impossible to ford on foot. In the front of the Teigstungur is the cone shaped, rocky hill, Goltur (The Boar) with a vast stone arch. On both sides of Glacier Krossarjokull are rusty red basaltic columns in all kinds of positions, looking like a gigantic open flower. On the southern side of the southern branch is a steep and jagged ridge, Eggjar (The Edges).

The southernmost mountain ridge of Teigstungur is called Gudrunartungur. Its northern slopes are green and well vegetated from top to bottom. High up on this ridge are big peaks, Litfari and Moldi (the Colourful and The Earth Coloured). The former is decorated with a colourful, sheer cliff, which changes appearance according to the different light conditions of the day.

Teigstungur were named after the farm Teigur in the Fljotshlid County, because of the traditional winter grazings there for 20 heads of sheep. Once the farm workers took several lambs Sagas of Icelandthere for the summer grazing and a 12 years old orphan girl, Gudrun, joined them for the trip. She wandered away from them and was not found again until the sheep were rounded up in the early autumn. She had survived by eating grasses and berries. The area Gudrunartungur was named after her.

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