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Skoga, Angling

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.5273° N 19.505856° W

Skoga is a growing salmon river. Rock pools and habitats have been created very successfully. Smolt, char, and trout realeases explains the increasing and reliable yearly catch. The best trout and char year was 2001 yielding 2,700 fishes, but 2002 was an excellent salmon year with over 130 fishes caught. This river with its easily accessible pools and two ponds is very family friendly. The summer of 2003 was the second best registered year of the river. The total catch was 64 salmon, 1,380 char and 91 brown trout. Large fishes are expected in the river system, the biggest salmon weighed 17 pounds, and the char 10 pounds. About half of the catch was caught with flies. Most of the fishing spots can be reached by normal cars, but a few are more easily accessible by 4wd vehicles. In 2003, approximately 40,000 smolts were realeased very successfully. The total catch in 2007 counted over 500 salmon with four rods per day.
After Eyjafjollajokull eruption 2010 and hight density of the ash, fishing at Skoga for 2011 drop down but is coming back again.

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