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Basar Mountain Huts in Thorsmork Utivist

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.6771532° N 19.4813374° W

Soon after the Touring Association Utivist was founded, its members started contemplating the construction of its first mountain hut in the Godaland area in Thorsmork. A hut there would increase the safety of travellers and facilitate the access to numerous remarkable hiking areas. The Basar area was mostly intact, only shepherds and a few other people from the nearby counties had visited this nature paradise.

The large hut was built during the period 1980-1981, and the smaller one shortly afterwards. In the middle of the nineties, a large kitchen and dining hall were added to the large hut. Immediately after the Utivist settlement in Basar, the development of the camping grounds commenced.

Ever since volunteers have continued working at maintenance and improvements. The association has published hiking maps with explanations. The Godaland area comprises a number of hiking possibilities, short and long, easy and more strenuous, if people want to conquer the mountain peaks. During summer, summer is pipelined to the huts and the WC are open. The huts are heated with oil and a small hydroelectric power station supplies electricity for lights. The huts accommodate 80-90 people. Wardens are present from early May to October.

GPS co-ordinates: N63°40,559′ W19°29,014′.

Source: Utivist website.

Basar Mountain Huts
1. maí – 15. október

Basar Camping
10. júní – 15. september

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