Buses for hiking Fimmvorduhals trail

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.559362° N 19.8811523° W

Hiking Fimmvorduhals trail!!
Traveller using car rental can bee handy to park your car at Hvolsvellir (09:00)
going to Skogar bee here at (09:45) starting hiking Fimmvorduhals trail to Thorsmork!!
Or park your car at skogar.

Bus to Skogar ( via Hvolsvollur )

Fimmvorduhals Montain Hut

Thorsmork Mountain Huts


Traveller using car rental after Fimmvorduhals hiking trail you can take buses going back to pick up your car at Hvolsvollur.

Buses from Thorsmork to Hvolsvollur.

 Bus to Skogar

Thorsmork Mountain Huts

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