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Ellidaey Island Westman islands

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.4247634° N 20.2434728° W

About Ellidaey Island

This is the third largest of the Westman Islands. It is situated northeast of the only inhabited island, Heimaey, and the island Bjarnarey (>see there). It rises steep out of the ocean, but is lower towards east, where the ascent is relatively easy. Its highest point, Habard (145 metres), faces north.

There are grazings for 258 heads of sheep on the island and sometimes even cattle was grazed there in the past. The myriad of seafowl occupying the cliffs still is exploited for eggs and meat (Bjarnarey). There are two scoria craters on top of the island and a hut for the hunters, who spend some time there every summer.

Please not there is another Ellidaey island in Breidafjordur

Ellidaey Island in Icelandic

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