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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.4259° N 20.285° W

Vestmannaeyjar Swimming pool

The inside swimming pool is 25 m in length and 11 m in width. The water in the pool is slidely saline or with 0.09% salt water and heated to about 29,5°C. There are many toys in the shallow end of the pool as well as an basketball ring. The deeper end has a 1 m springboard.

There is also a lift for disabled people to assist in entering and exiting the pool.

The outside area is family friendly with tubs, sauna and water slides. There are three tiled hot tubs with temperature ranging from 37°C to 42°C and a wading pool with temperature around 34°C.

The tubs have numerous nozzles for back and calf massage, high pressure masage for the brave one and a massage waterfall. The wading pool is ideal for relaxation and sunbathing in the shallow water.

Associated with the wading pool is a deeper pool with water nozzle, traditional rounded waterfalls, basketball ring and a climbing wall with the outlines of Heimaklettur (the highest mountain in Westmann Islands).

There are three water slides in the outside area, one is connected to the pool with the climbing wall and two are connected to a deep pool facing the the big hot tub.

• The ELDFELL water slide (the Volcano) aimed for children.

• The STORHOFDI water slide (the Big Cape) which consists of three open tubes which delivers you fast and straight into the pool.

• The DUFTHEKJA water slide (the cliff Dufthekja)which is a steep tupe that ends on a big tramboline, more than 20 meters long.

There is also a sauna (46-47°C ), outdoor shower and a sunbating area.

Tel: +354

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