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Bjarnarey Island

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.4137224° N 20.2647941° W

About Bjarnarey Island

This is the fourth largest of the Westman Islands. It is situated east of the only inhabited Westman Island, Heimaey, and to the southwest of the island Ellidaey. Its highest point is Bunki, an old crater (164 metres). The best ascent is from the northeast. East of the island is a good shelter for vessels, when it is blowing hard from the west. The island is well vegetated and considered good grazings for 128 heads of sheep and hay was made there in the past. Hundreds of thousands of puffins and other seafowl occupy the cliffs and their edges and still nowadays, the hunters catch the birds and collect eggs every year. They stay in the hut on the island for a few days during the seasons and rope their catch down to boats below.

Whales, such as sperm whales, hump backed whales, killer whales, a few dolphin species, porpoises, grey whales and minke whales, are frequently spotted around the Westman Islands.

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