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Ferries in Iceland

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 63.549362° N 20.2111523° W

Ferries in Iceland

Ferries in Iceland and to and from Iceland
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An increasing number of people want to get as close as possible to the unspoiled nature and experience its wonderful adventures.
Information on the ferries are to be found in the Travel Guide.
It also provides information on the diverse boat trips from different places in the country.
Ferry to Westman islands
Ferry to Grimsey
Ferriy Flatey and Brjanslaekur
Ferry to Videy
Ferry to Vigur
Ferry to/from Seydisfjordur to Faro island and Danmork
Ferry to Hrisey island
Ferry from Nordfjordur/Neskaupsstadur to Mjoifjordur

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