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Deep Sea Angling Westman Islands

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.3559° N 20.285° W

Deep Sea Angling Westman Islands

The town, situated on the largest island of the archipelago, is the second most important fishing town of the country. It has so much to offer, sightseeing on land and sea and in the air, that the visitors can spend days on end there to enjoy it all. The fishing grounds are all around and between the islands and the boats are very well equipped. The number of islands is about 16 and in addition there are about 20 cliffs and skerries in between them.

The most recent events to keep their name in people’s memory are the Surtsey eruption in 1963, the eruption on the only inhabited island in 1973 and the return of Keiko (Free Willy) in 1998. All the necessary tackle is on board and the catch, which belongs to the anglers, can be prepared in one of the many restaurants in town upon request. The flight time from the capital is about 25 min. and it takes 35 min. to get there by the ferry from Landeyjahofn (Bakki)

Deep Sea Angling in Iceland

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