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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.5655995° N 19.6097661° W

About Seljavallalaug

The swimming pool Seljavallalaug is situated in a short and a narrow valley near the farm Seljavellir at the foot of the Eyjafjoll Mountains in Southern Iceland. The local Youth Club built the old and unique pool, where a still older and smaller one stood before. One of its long sides is the sheer mountainside, where natural hot water trickles into it.

In 1987, the family of Seljavellir build a new and a modern swimming pool just west of the Laugar Stream and keep it open for visitors during summer (June 1 – September 1; 11,00 to 23,00).

About ten years later, the old pool was renovated and is still being used by those who make the effort to walk up there.

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Selljavallalaug in Icelandic

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