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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.5067° N 19.1303° W

The Myrdalsjokull glacier (1480m) is the fourth largest glacier with an area of about 590 km². It rests on a very volcanically active mountain massif, which erupted very powerfully in 1918. Its volcano is called Katla and its caldera is estimated to have a diameter of about 10 km. Eruptions can start in many places outside or within the caldera and cause great glacier bursts. Quite a few glacier snouts flow down onto the lower lying areas and discharge a great volume of water. Travellers on the glacier have to be extremely careful about crevasses. Just west of this glacier is another one, much smaller (50 km²),

Eyjafjallajokull (Island Mountain; 1666m), named after The Westman Islands. It rests on top of still another active volcano (1821-22). Snow scooter and snowmobile tours are on offer on the Myrdalsjokul glacier.

Hiking or cross country skiing on the icecaps depends entirely on the travellers themselves. They decide where to go and are responsible for the preparations and the gear necessary for such endeavours.

Myrdalsjokull in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Beata May

Nearby Myrdalsjokull

Nearby Myrdalsjokull

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