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Hofdabrekku Joka – Ghost Story

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.4390312° N 18.9021018° W

Sagas of IcelandOnce there lived a woman at Hofdabrekka by the name of Jorunn. According to most of her contemporary neighbours she was widowed at the time, but many claim that her husband, Vigfus, still lived at her time of departure and that she sought access to his bed after her death. She was arrogant and very harsh tempered, but otherwise there are no negative tales of her. She had a grown up daughter, a very promising young woman. During the latter part of her lifetime, a young man, called Thorsteinn, stayed with her. He was said to be her foster son and was a kind and a very promising young man. He loved Jorunn’s daughter.

According to those, who claimed that Jorunn was a widow, she was very much against such a development because she wanted Thorsteinn for herself. Thorsteinn, however, found her to be too old to fool him and loved the daughter very dearly. When the daughter got pregnant and bore Thorsteinn a child, Jorunn became very angry and cast the spell, that they would never be together.

Many people, who liked Thorsteinn, tried in vain to make her change her mind, which only made her more determined to keep them apart. Eventually Jorunn and Thorsteinn came to the agreement that he would leave Hofdabrekka, never come back again, and not try to communicate with her daughter. This covenant brought about a full reconciliation between Jorunn and Thorsteinn and some time passed without any incident.

Hofdabrekka is on Saga trail for South Iceland.

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