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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.457934° N 18.55809° W

This vast alluvial plain is bordered by Moorland Hofdabrekkuheidi, Glacier Myrdalsjokull, Counties Skaftartunga and Alftaver and the sea.  Its total area is about 270 miles square.  Its southernmost spit was the country’s southnernmost point after the 1918 floodings, but erosion and transport moved it back and Cape Dyrholaey resumed its role.  In the past the whole area was almost barren escept for some tufted grassy areas in the east.  During the last few decades of the 20th century considerable areas on both sides of the main road were vegegated (grass, sorrel, lupins etc.) to prevent sandstorms.  Topographical names, such as Dynskogar, suggest forested areas in the southern parts in the past.  The three main, glacial rivers running through the plain are Mulakvisl, Skalm and Holmsa.  They sometimes swell with water and have caused damage to the road and bridges.  Catastrophic floodwaves caused by subglacial eruptions have rushed down the plain, but have also found their way to the west and southwest.

Myrdalssandur in Icelandic



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