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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.0517° N 19.2271° W

Cave Landmannahellir at the foot of Mt Hellisfjall south of Mt Lodmundur and west of Lake Lodmundarvatn is about 14 m long, 8 m wide and 4 m high. It was a popular shelter among travellers on Route Landmannaleid (Domadalsleid) and farmers rounding up the sheep late in summer before a hut was built nearby. Nowadays, travellers are offered accommodations and access to a kitchen in the relatively new hut, which are much frequented by anglers, riders and hikers travelling through the area. Some clairvoyant people claim to be aware of ghosts roaming about in the vicinity of the cave.

Sagas of IcelandMountainside Ghosts
Shepherds have often noticed hauntings in mountain shacks and caves. Among these ghosts is Starkaður from Stóruvöllum in Bárðardal, who died when Starkaðurs rock fell on him at the Gnjúpverja-grazing area and Egill who plunged to his death in Loðmundur and now haunts.
Sources: Gost center Stokkseyri.

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