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Alftavotn hut Utivist

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.8982116° N 18.6933821° W

About Alftavotn hut

Members of the Touring Association Utivist restored the decayed farmers’ sheep roundup hut in 2001. The farmers had stopped using it after the huts were built at the nearby Holaskjol, which is also open for travellers.

An adequate jeep-track ends 200-300 metres from the hut, making the stay there more quiet and pieceful. Nature lovers sometimes spend hours on end astounded by the beauty of the surroundings. Groups of riders frequent this area and keep their horses in a pen north of the house. The surroundings of the hut are well vegetated and offer good camping spots.

Running water and WC are outside the hut, which accommodates 24 people. Nearby hiking trails take you to Strutslaug or to Gjatindur in Eldgja (a whole day) or shorter distances, i.e to Holaskjol.

GPS co-ordinates: 63° 53.890’N 18° 41.467’W

Mountain Hut Alftavotn
15. June – 31 August

Camping Alftavotn
15. June – . 31 August

Hiking near Alftavotn hut 

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Source and Photo Credit: The Utivist web site.
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