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Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9807901° N 18.5241026° W


Touring Association Utivist restored a decayed farmers’ sheep roundup shelter in 1996-97. Its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. Large lava outcrops and the vegetation remind of a park. A short walk takes you to Holaskjol, but one day’s hikes include Mt Uxatindar and Mt Gjatindur.

A rather difficult 4wd track continues to the hut from the track to Mt Gjatindur. The hut offers mattresses and a gas-stove, but no other utensils. It is heated with oil, but is not insulated, and therefore not meant for winter use. It houses 16 persons.

GPS co-ordinates: N 63°58.849´ W 18°31.319´.

Good for starting to hike To Thorsmork

Source: The Utivist website.

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Mountain Hut Skaelingar
15. June  – 31 August
Svefnpokagisting/Sleepingbag : 6300.00
Börn/Children 7-15 years : 3150.00 (50.0%)

Camping Skaelingar
20. June – 31 August
Camping per persons : 2000.00

Skaelingar Hut in Icelandic

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