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Sveinstindur Mountain Hut Utivist

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.0862223° N 18.4182089° W


The Sveinstindur mountain hut is located southeast of Mt Sveinstindur. The access track for 4wd vehicles continues from a track to lake Langisjor. It continues to the east and is marked. During the first part of summer, some quicksand can be expected. A marked hiking trail lies from the track to lake Langisjor and the hut, and from there another marked trail to the top of Mt Sveinstindur. The hike from the hut, to the top, and back, takes about three hours. The view from up there on a fine day is beyond words. An interesting day’s hike lies along the foot of Mts Fogrufjoll.

The old farmers’ sheep roundup hut was resorted the the Touring Association Utivist in the autumn of 1999. Now it is put to good use and fits well into the landscape. It is heated with a small oil furnace. Food is cooked on a gas-stove and all necessary utensils are available. During summer the hut has running water. It accommodates 22 people.

GPS co-ordinates: 64°05.176´N 18°24.946´W.

Transport from Holaskjol to  Sveinstindur mountain hut area is available up on request.

Good for starting to hike To Thorsmork

Hiking Sveinstindur area

Source: The Utivist website.

Hut Sveinstindur

Camping Sveinstindur

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Sveinstindur in Icelandic

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