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HRAUNVOTN – SKEIFAN, Veidivotn area

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.2189° N 18.7464° W

The surroundings of theses lakes are considered the most beautiful of the Veidivotn area and the lakes contain all sizes of fish. A myriad of ponds and chasms are connected east and south of the main lakes and there the anglers have caught 10 – 13 pounders. The lakes were most likely occupied with a natural stock of brown trout, which was supported by fry releases after 1965. The best known lakes are the Hraunsvotn and Skeifan. In the western lake schools of trout can be found in the release areas. Fly fishermen have frequented these lakes, even though spoon fishing is much more common. The lakes produce rich food, flies, chrysalides, worms, conches and sticklebacks. The windward banks of the larger lakes are recommended. This small group of lakes is situated at 590 m above sea level in a somewhat vegetated lava field, which makes a great contrast to the barren, desert like surroundings. It has an area of 2,4 km², the greatest depth is 21 m, the volume 12,8 Gl, the average depth 5,3 m, the greatest length 4 km and width 1,3 km. Lakes Hraunsvotn are situated in a somewhat vegetated lava area, which contrasts the surrounding, barren desert. This group of lakes is the third most yielding of the Veidivotn area.  The catch has been fluctuating since 1994 and in 1998 it was 1009 fishes. The best fishing spots are Hamarinn, Fjaran, Tain Bakkinn, Sudur-Sandvik, Nordur-Sandvik, Hraunfellsvik, Austurbotn, Drangapyttur and Skershofdi. The best fishing spots of the small lake Skeifan are Vesturbotn, Austurbotn and Raudibakki.

Hraunvotn in Icelandic

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