Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.35° N 19.11° W

About Gljufurleit

Gljufurleit is a part of the western slopes of the River Thjorsa Valley between Mt Sandafell in the south and the wetlands of Thjorsarver in the north. This area is well vegetated, decorated with sheltered flowery slopes and berries late in summer. River Geldingaa runs through the southern part of Gljufurleit and cascades into River Thjorsa creating one of the highest waterfalls of the country. River Holkna furthernorth is also a tributary of River Thjorsa. Early every autumn, the farmers round up the sheep grazing in the area and spend a night or two in the Gljufurleit hut. Down in the canyon of River Thjorsa are alternating strata of lake deposits, tillite and basaltic lava created during warm epochs of the ice age. River Thjorsa also decorates the landscape with its waterfalls, such as Gljufurleitarfoss (28 m), Dynkur and furthest north Hvanngiljafoss. A road passable for 4wd vehicles follows the River Thjorsa to the north all the way to Mts Kerlingarfjoll. One of the areas crossed is the barren Fjordungssandur between the rivers Hnifa and Kisa.

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