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Alftavatnskrokur Dell

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9833° N 18.5156763° W

About Alftavatnskrokur

Alftavatnskrokur is a dell with a few small lakes between Mts Svartahnuksfjoll and Eldgja in the west and Mt Blafjall in the east. The route is a continuation of the Midvegur Route at the confluence of Rivers Holmsa and Brytalaekir in the south and then it joins the Landmanna Route just east of Eldgja, where the track enters it.

This part of the route is recommended only for robust 4wd vehicles and trucks. Parts of a very popular hiking trail and a bridle path also cross this area and on Lakes Alftavotn is an ancient shelter for the farmers during the rounding up of the sheep in early autumn. This shelter was restored and modernized in 2001 by the Touring Association Utivist to be fit for the accommodation of travellers in the area. This area is only accessible on foot or in robust 4×4 vehicles.

Alftavatnskrokur in Icelandic

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