Highest Waterfalls in Iceland

Highest Waterfalls in Iceland (meters)

  1. Glymur in River Botnsa: 190 (West Iceland)
  2. Hengifoss in River Hengifossa: 128.5 (East Iceland)
  3. Haifoss in River Fossa: 122 (South Iceland)
  4. Seljalandsfoss in River Seljalandsa: 65 (South Iceland)
  5. Skogafoss in River Skoga: 62 (South Iceland)
  6. Grundarfoss near Grundarfjordur: 60 ( West Iceland)
  7. Dettifoss in River Jokulsa a Fjollum: 44 (North Iceland)
  8. Gullfoss in River Hvita: 32 (South Iceland)
  9. Hafragilsfoss: 27 (North Iceland)
  10. Aldeyjarfoss: 20 (North Iceland)
  11. Hjalparfoss in River Fossa: 13 (South Iceland)
  12. Godafoss in River Skjalfandafljot: 12 (North Iceland)

Highest Waterfalls In Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit South Iceland

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