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Budarhals Ridge

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1407° N 19.2209° W

About Budarhals

Budarhals is a 600-700 m high dolerite and hyaloclastite ridge between the rivers Thjorsa and Kaldakvisl budarhalsvirkjunin the interior. The view from it on a fine day is fantastic. Six glaciers, mountains, barren deserts, oases, and mountain massifs meet the eye all around. The western side of the ridge has always been difficult and dangerous for the farmers when they round up the sheep and a few have fallen to their death into the ravine of river Thjorsa. The old route for vehicles across the Sprengisandur desert lies on top of the ridge, but nowadays another one, further east, is used. A cable carrier was used to transport the vehicles across River Tungnaa before the bridges were built. The old route has many more obstacles, rivers and bogs, than the new one and is rarely used.

There are six hydropower stations in the catchment area of Rivers Thjorsa and Tungnaa:
BurfellSultartangiHrauneyjafossVatnsfellSigalda and Budarhals.

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