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Svinafell Camping

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.9790792° N 16.8553233° W

Svinafell Camping offer two types of camping: First, there are 8 camping areas at the back of the reception that accommodate 6-8 tents in each flat area, well suited for small groups and families. There are toilets and basins with running water short distance away (100m). Alternatively there is a larger area on the other side of the Campers Service Building, well suited for bigger groups of travelers. All guests get free use of the Campers Service Building next to the cabins. All Guests have access to the Campers Service Building facilities next to the cabins. Where there are minimal cooking facilities, showers and toilets, a dining room with enough tables and chairs to seat 80-90 people.

Opening Hours:

Service on Site:

Contact Information:

785 Oraefi

Telephone: +354  / +354

Photo Credit:  Svinafell

Svinafell Farm

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Camping Svinafell in Icelandic

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