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Sel Skaftafell

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0146707° N 16.9739249° W

The Sel farm was named after the summer pastures of the farmers past in the area. It is a complex of small sod and turf houses, which were built in 1912. It is an example of such buildings of the Oraefi Coundy in the past, all the way to the nineteenthirties. The farm had a cow shed on the ground floor, under the main dwelling of the occupants for heat exploitation.

The houses on each side comprised the living room and the kitchen. A short distance away are relatively large barns depicting ancient architectures and construction methods. The last inhabitants of the farm abandoned it in 1946. It has been in the care of the National Museum since 1972 and has been restored.

Sod farms and churches dating back to the 18th century

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