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Valthjofsstadur Church

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.0217817° N 14.97888° W

This ancient manor and parsonage from the 14 century is situated west of the Lake Logurinn in the valley Fljotsdalur.

In the past, the church was dedicated to the Holy Mary. It became the parish church in 1306. The present church is made of concrete and seats 95 Sagas of Icelandpeople. It was designed by the Architect of state and consecrated in 1966.

Among its relics are a chalice, a paten, and a Danish altarpiece. Two baptismal fonts, one relatively new and foreign, and the other dating back to the middle of the 18th century also decorate the church. The inner main door is an exact replica of the famous Valthjofsstadur Door, which is on display in The National Museum. It dates back to the 13th century, originally a hall door of a manor and later the door of the stave church, which stood for centuries, until after the reformation. The door measures 206,5 cm and consists of three dovetailed boards. On its front are two round and carved spaces (97 cm) and between them is a silver grooved iron ring. In 1852, the door was sold to Copenhagen and was sent back with other Icelandic pieces of art in 1930.

The nephew of one of the reverends, Sigurdur Gunnarsson, was the renowned author Gunnar Gunnarsson, who was born there and brought up for a few years. Above the parsonage, the slopes clearly show the stacked up strata of basaltic lavas with a diagonal dyke, called the Ogress’ Path, splitting them.

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