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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.9986° N 22.6593° W

This is a small volume river, starting in an inland lake, strolling on through a lush valley before tumbling into a gorge on its last stretch before entering the Atlantic. It is one of only two major salmon rivers in the main part of the Westfjords. It is fished with two to three daily rods and has a well equipped self-catering lodge.  This river is on the Atlantic salmon’s boundaries so the annual catches vary. It can dip to a mere 150 but recently there has been an upswing and last season, 1998, some 350 fishes were caught. The upper reaches are especially good fly fishing waters but the gorge is for worm fishing which also applies to a few pools. Unlike most Westford rivers, a few sea char supplement the catch.
The Distance from Reykjavik is 350  km  123 km from Isafjordur.

Laugardalsa in Icelandic