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Fishing in Iceland with Fish Partners

In the last few decades Iceland has quickly become one of the Fly Fishing Meccas of the world, and for good reason, endless rivers and lake, clear water and strong stocks of wild and native Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char and Brown Trout are a tempting proposition to many anglers.

But how do you plan a fishing trip to Iceland? Unlike the US, for example, where public waters are abundant, fishing rights in Iceland belong to the landowner. Even in places where the landowner happens to be the state or local government licenses are required. Licenses are acquired either directly from the landowner, or more commonly through an outfitter or angling club that leases the fishing rights from the landowner and then manages the fishery (in cooperation with Iceland’s equivalent of Fish and Wildlife, MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH INSTITUTE) and sell licenses.

The price for licenses varies greatly from river to river and lake to lake. But in general Salmon fishing licenses are the most expensive and Lake fishing licenses are cheaper than river licenses. Almost all rivers and some lakes have limited rods allowed to fish it each day, ensuring each angler plenty of space. Licenses are either sold as day pass licenses or as a package with Lodging and sometimes guiding included.

The fishing season in Iceland last from April 1st until October 20th. But each river and lake will have different opening and close dates. In general, the trout fishing season(both for Sea-Run and resident brown trout, and Arctic Char) lasts from April 1st until October 20th whereas the Salmon season starts most place in June or July and lasts throughout September, with a few rivers staying open into October.

We at Fish Partner manages several rivers, lakes, and lodges all over the island and can customize the fishing trip of your dreams. Be it a few days stay at a high-end salmon lodge or a DIY feel trip in the rugged interior.

Fish Partner offers customized fishing trips, set packages, and day tours to many of the best trout, salmon, and sea trout rivers and lakes around Iceland.

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