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SNJOOLDUVATN. Veidivotn area

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1089° N 18.7864° W

This lake is the southernmost one and the largest at 562 m above sea level. Its area is 1,62 km², its volume is 12,7 Gl and its greatest depth is 22 m. It is 2,1 km long and 1,4 km wide. Its discharge is a tributary of the glacial river Tungnaa. The surroundings of the lake are almost totally barren. In a pass just east of the lake is a freestanding pillar called Trollid on Tungnaa” or the Giant of river Tungnaa.

A short distance further north ruins of huts were discovered in 1936. They probably were used to accommodate the fishermen during the fishing season and to store the catch. The catch has been diminishing since 1994. It was 158 fishes in 1998. The best fishing spots: Pollurinn, Tanginn, Hofdata, Fjaran, Sydrifloi, Mosnefsdypi and Botnavik.

Snjoolduvatn in Icelandic

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