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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.7162° N 15.1914° W

These three lakes are much alike. They carry, however, each its own name, Reydarvatn, Midvatn and Nyrztavatn. Each lake has an area of about 0,5 km². They are all shallow and lake Nyrztavatn is situated 304 m above sea level, lake Midvatn at 306 m and lake Reydarvatn is the lowest.

All of them are discharged to river Hvammsa, which tributes to the fine salmon river Sela. The walking distance to lake Reydarvatn from the main road is about 4 km and then about half an hour between each of them. The catch consists of lake char. The lakes were netted in earlier times, but unfortunately not any more.

The distance from the capital is 634 km by the Whale Bay tunnel and 10 from Vopnafiord.

Hvammgerdisvotn in Icelandic



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