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Blonduvatn, Eyvindarstadaheid

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.24085° N 19.7723° W

Lake Blonduvatn

The lake is located in the northwest of Iceland upon a heath called Eyvindarstadaheidi. The lake is about 1 km² and is known as a very good lake for arctic char. The char in the lake are of a really decent size and fish of around 5 lbs are not uncommon. The scenery is classic Icelandic heathland with moors and low-rise plants.

Fishing area: Fishing is allowed in the whole lake
Season and fishing hours
From when the road opens till September 30. Please refer to | The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration for information.

Fishing is allowed around the clock – No set opening hours

Boats: Belly boats and kayak’s – Bigger boats are not allowed
Camping: Yes – Sleeping bag accommodations also available at the Galtara mountain lodge

How to get there
The distance from Reykjavik is around 244 km and about 75 km from the town of Blonduos. Once you reach the town of Blonduos, continue on Road 1 until making a right turn on to Kjalvegur (F35). Make a left turn on to Maelifellsdalvegur once you reach the Blanda lagoon. Drive over the Blanda dam and make a right turn on to Vesturheidarvegur. Follow the road for around 6km and then you will arrive at the lake. We recommend having a 4×4 car for this trip. Distance from Reykjavík: 244km

Average size: 1-2lbs
Number of rods:
Tackle: Fly, Spinners, bait
Fishing equipment: #4 – #6
The best flies: Streamers and nymphs
Accessability: Easy Travel guide for complete Iceland

Blonduvatn in Icelandic

Nearby Blonduvatn, Eyvindarstadaheid

Nearby Blonduvatn, Eyvindarstadaheid

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