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Langisjor Hut and fishing

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.09935° N 18.39413° W

The only house on Langisjor lake and the tranquility is wonderful!
The house which stands on a peninsula south by the Langisjor lake for rent. Sleeping bag accommodation for 4 in beds and 2 on double sofa bed. Included in the rent are permit for fishing within Langisjór lake.

There are few things we need to inform you about before you start your journey to the cabin at Langisjor. You have to have a 4×4 jeep to go to Langisjor because you have to cross rivers.

The cabin at the lake Langisjor is placed in one the most remote places in Iceland or as we state on our web „out of this world“.

If you prefer to be in remote place away from traffic you are going to the right place. But there is always some trade-off in “being out of this world”. There are for example no mobile connection and you cannot expect to meet many other travelers. There are extremely limited access to all kinds of modern infrastructures like electricity, hot and cold water and more.

The hut is headed up with gas.

You have to bring your own sleeping bag and clean the cabin before you leave, so the next customer will have a nice stay as well as you.

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