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Rekavikurvatn. Hornstrandir

Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.4133° N 23.0467° W

Lake Rekavikurvatn has an area of about 1,6 km². It is rather deep and is located only 1 m above sea level. Southeast of it is lake Halsavatn and the river Skamma connects them. The best and easiest approach to the lakes is from the sea to the farm Latrar, which has been abandoned for a long time. From there a road, which has not been maintained for decades, lies across the hills to the cove Rekavik. The walk from Latrar to the lakes takes approximately three quarters of an hour. The catch consists of lake char, ½-4 pounders, and sea fishes, such as cod, haddock and herring.

Lake Rekavikurvatn in Icelandic

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