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Hloduvik Cove

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.4157915° N 22.6914517° W

About Hloduvik

Cove Hloduvik is located between Mt Kjalarnupur to the west and the sheer cliff Haelavikurbjarg in the east alongwith two other coves, Kjaransvik and Haelavik. Together they are called The Coves (Vikurnar). Between the coves Hloduvik and Haelavik rises the sheer cliff Ofaerubjarg, a great obstacle for travellers with a dyke protruding into the sea, which made it passable only during the low spring tide.

Sagas of IcelandA small, steep sloped valley cuts into the mountains from the end of the cove. East of it is Mt Skalakambur at whichfoot stood the farm Budir. There an unknown ghost roamsabout at night and keeps people awake by beating oildrums or making some other noise.

To the west of the Hloduvik cove rises Mt Alfsfell, which is partly occupied by the elves or the so-called “hidden people”. Among them was a woman called Asdis, who was a great help to the human population of the valley by directing the farmers to the best fishing grounds off the coast. According to the legend, she even fostered two of the children of the valley. At the end of the valley is a horse shoe shaped mountain ridge called Jokuldalir.

At the foot of Mt Alfsfell stood the farm Hloduvik where the former fields have turned into bays of buttercups. Another ghost named Indridi is still active in this area. A hiking trail lies from there through the Hloduvik Pass to the Veidileysa Bay in the Jokulfiord Area.

Hloduvik is on Saga Trail Jokuldfjords 

Hloduvik in Icelandic

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