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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.4458° N 22.9246° W

About Fljotavík

This is a wide cove between the mountains Hvesta and Kogur in the Hornstrandir Area. The inhabited area with its three small farms on the cove was called Fljot.

Sagas of Iceland According to the Book of Settlements there was a farm there owned by Geirmundur heljarskinn Hjorsson. His slave, Atli, was foreman there, and once he took it upon himself to invite a whole ships’ crew to spend the winter without consulting his master. This he did to show how generous his master was and when Geirmundur heard about it, he liked the idea so much, that he gave Atli his freedom.

One of the many refuge huts for shipwrecked people is situated on the cove nowadays.

Fljotavik is on Saga Trail Hornstandir 

Fljotavik in Icelandic

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