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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.335854° N 22.89261° W

The coves Kjaransvik, Hloduvik and Haelavik are commonly called Vikurnar (The Coves).  They are situated between Mt Kjalarnupur and Mt Haelavikurbjarg.  Cove Kjaransvik is the westernmost one and Mt Alfsfell separates it from cove Hloduvik.  It is possible to walk along the foot of Mt Alfsfell between them.  The ruins of farm Kjaransvik are just to the west of River Kjaransvikura.  Mt Kjalarnupur drops straight down into the sea and at its foot are two dykes, Langikambur and Teigarkambur and nearby is a synonymous abandoned farm.

Hiking trails offer walks to the top of Mt Kjalarnupur, to cove Fljotavik and to Hesteyri on the Hesteyri Bay over the Kjaransvik Pass and along the edges of the Innri-Hesteyri Cliffs.