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Camping in Hornstrandir

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.3937198° N 22.5727366° W

The Icelandic Travel Association (ITA) operates a camping site at the Hornbjargsviti light house.  Accommodatoin at the old light house  is also available.

The light house accommodates maximum 50 persons.
It has a well equipped kitchen with electic- and gas stoves.
Visitors have to bring their own food.
Outdoors is a good coal grill (guests have to bring coal).
In the 7 sleeping quarters are beds and bunks (guests bring sleeping bags or beddings).
The shower is operated with 100 Ikr coins.
A good drying room for wet clothing and shoes.


The camping grounds have access to WC, excellent water, and good indoors facilities in an old outhouse.
Tel.: 568-2533

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ITA Hornbjarg hut

1. July – 6. August.
Adult / Sleeping bag : Ikr. 12000.00
Children 7-15 years : Iir. 5200.00 (50.0%)

Camping at Hornbjarg

Price Per person.
Ikr. 2800.- Tel.: 568-2533

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