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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.2494° N 22.3879° W

This bay is the smallest of the so-called Jokulfiords and it is gradually being filled with sediments from the glacier Drangajokull. The abandoned farm Dynjandi is on the western side of the bay and nearby River Dynjandi cascades into the sea. Valley Dynjandisdalur cuts into the mountains to the south and an ancient route continues from there through the Dynjandi Pass (574 m) to Valley Unadsdalur on the Isafiord Bay. It is easy to follow the row of old telephone poles over the mountains. Mt Trollafell separates this valley from Valley Muladalur, which cuts to the west.

The rock pillars on its top are said to be petrified ogres, hence the name the Ogres’ Mountain. Travellers, who came walking from the Hrafnfiord Bay, usually shouted across the Leirur Bay from the spit of land opposite to farm Dynjandi to get ferried across. The contrasts of the landscape on the Leirur Bay are almost unbelievable. What meets the eye there are tumbling, clear streams, brown, glacial waters, the white shield of Glacier Drangajokull, sand and gravel spits covered with flowers, well-vegetated bogs and grey sedimented areas.

The hiking route along the coastline Hofdastrond to Grunnavik is comfortable and beautiful.

Leirufjordur in Icelandic




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