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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.4221° N 22.4399° W

Cove Hornvik is situated between the precipices Hornbjarg in the east and Haelavikurbjarg in the west. The nearest cove further east is Latravik with the lighthouse, and to the west is Haelavik. The abandoned farm Horn is in a short valley on the eastern side of the Hornvik cove and in the lowland area the farm Hofn. The third abandoned farm, furthest west, is on a synonymous cove, Rekavik. Streams and brooks cascade down the steep hills and through gorges creating quite a few waterfalls on their way to the lagoon-like estuary Hafnaros. A day of walking in this area is well spent. A prayer chapel stood at Hofn in the past. Nowadays there is a camping site on the property. In 1904 the forth farm called Baldurshlein was built in the slopes below the peak called Jorundur.

Hiking routes: From farm Rekavik bak Hofn to Valley Hvannadalur across the steep slopes of Mt Rekavikurfjall, over pass Atlaskard, over Skalakambur to cove Hloduvik and Haelavikurbjarg. It is also possible to head straight for pass Atlaskard from the farm.

From farm Hofn over pass Hafnarskard to the Veidileysa Bay in the Jokulfiords Area. The route along the Hafnaros lagoon continues over pass Kyrskard to the lighthouse on cove Latravik.

From farm Horn lies a route to Valley Yztidalur and onwards on the edge of the precipice across Mt Midfell and high in the slopes of Valley Middalur to Mt Kalfatindar.

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