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Smidjuvik Cove

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.3667° N 22.28° W

About Smidjuvik

Cove Smidjuvik is situated between the headlands Smidjuvikurbjarg to the northwest and Bard to the southeast. Its name is probably derived from the smithy of the first settler of Cove Bardsvik, whose name was Bardi. The highest point of headland Smidjuvikurbjarg offers an excellent view over the surroundings and the mountains between the Jokulfiords Area and the Hornstrandir Area.

The farm was permanently abandoned in 1933. The greatest advantages of the farm were the driftwood, fishing and egg and bird collecting in the fowling cliffs. The route between the two above-mentioned coves over the Smidjuvik Pass (270 m) is easy to walk and well marked.

Smidjuvik in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Hornstrandir

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