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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.2558° N 22.5148° W

About Hrafnfjordur

This bay is at the end of the large Jokulfirdir Bays at the edge of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. On both sides it is framed with precipitous mountains and steep screes and at its southern end is Kjosarnes, where the next bay, Leirufiord takes over.

Sagas of IcelandIn the middle of the southern coastline is Hrafnfjardareyri, where the country’s most renowned outlaw, Mountain-Eyvindur Jonsson and his concubine lived around the middle of the 18th century. He lies buried in the fields and his grave is marked with a crucifix and a flat stone with his name engraved.

A bit further inland is Skipeyri, where Irish and English merchants traded until shortly after the turn of the 19th century. The area around Heidingjaklettar (Pagan Cliffs), down by the sea, is considered haunted and dangerous. It is possible to walk below the cliffs during low tides, all the way to the end of the bay. Sheep from the Hornstrandir Area were transported from there to the slaughterhouse in Isafiord in the past.

The mountains Hvitserkur, Blafell and Hattarfell protrude above the end of the bay. The first is dotted with Rhyolitic intrusions and snow covered. Mt Blafell is flat on top, framed with precipice and stands up to 740 m tall. River Skorara discharges Lake Skorarvatn and gets additional water from the glacier Drangajokull and runs on the southern side of Mt Hattarfell.

Sagas of IcelandOnce a young woman was travelling on foot over the Skorarheidi Moorland. She was caught in a snowstorm and fought against the wind until she lay down exhausted to die. Suddenly she felt as if she lay in a soft, warm bed receiving the best care. This gave her strength to survive the weather and when it was over she stood up to see, that she had sought shelter by the hillock of the elves.

Valley Alfsstadadalur extends to the north from the bay. Halla, Mountain-Eyvindur’s concubine, is said to be buried there.

Hrafnsfjordur is on Saga Trail Jokulfjords 

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