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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.142867° N 22.689499° W

Old sources mention a prayer chapel at farm Unadsdalur in the ancient past and the abolishment of the church at Stadur, when the new church at Unadsdalur took over as the parish church in 1867. Catholic prayer chapels there were dedicated to the Holy Mother and Peter the apostle.

After 1880 the church was annexed to the Kirkjubol parish and after 1928 the Vatnsfiord parish took over. In 1900 about 350 souls belonged to the Unadsdalur parish and eight years later only 150. At the time a small fishing hamlet had developed at Stadur. The old church has disappeared, but its site and a round earth wall around it are still obvious. The present church was built in 1897.

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