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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.197203° N 22.018489° W

About Furufjordur

This is a short and a wide bay facing the open ocean on the boundaries between Hornstrandir and Strandir. Its western part is within the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and Mt Ernir extends to the Drangsnes peninsula. Further inland is Mt Bolungarvikurbjarg and down below the dyke Bolungarvikurofaera stretches into the sea. On the eastern side of the bay Mt Furufjardarnupur decorates the landscape and on the other side is the Tharalatursfiord Bay. One of the two cliff points of Mt Furufjardarnupur has a hole through and is called the Pitcher.

Sagas of IcelandThe other cliff is called the Ogre, who was petrified there at daybreak, when travelling there too late with the pitcher in her hand. Her husband was caught by the first rays of the sun at Drangsnes and his boat is clearly visible in the rocks just off the coast.

Travellers, who wanted to pass along Mt Furufjardarnupur had to wait for the lowest tides and calm weather. The cove Saltvik is further inland and the boulder scree Saltvikururd and the dyke mentioned above are between it and the mountain. Mt Dagmalahorn is the innermost mountain on the east coast of the bay.

Farm Arnabaer stood on the bank by the sea a short distance from the prayer chapel. It was occupied until 1949 and the rotting remains of the boat Hringur lie in the landing place Naustir by the sea. Farm Vagnsbaer stood near Arnabaer and was abandoned in 1950. The dwelling house was restored and is used during summer. Farm Baer on the Banks was the third. It was abandoned in 1944 after the family and workers, who occupied it, had lived there for 17 years.

Furufjordur is on Saga Trail Hornstandir 

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