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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.11122° N 21.73° W

This cove is situated between the headlands Hruteyjarnes and Engjanes, just south of the prominent pinnacles Drangaskord.

Its valley stretches into the mountains, where the valley river tumbles down to the lowland area in a beautiful waterfall.

Sagas of IcelandAncient driftwood sticks out of the riverbanks, dating back to the time, when the mean sea level stood higher.  The river offers a good catch of char, the coastline is covered with driftwood, the eider colony of the valley is relatively large and seal hunting is excellent.

The farm was abandoned in 1947 and the houses have mostly collapsed.  During the so-called Ice Years, which were more common before 1950, polar bears often roamed about the Strandir Area. One day in 1932 some of the people of the farm were outdoors not expecting any visitors or polar bears, barely escaped the attack from one of them.  They managed to get into the houses and the farmer succeeded in shooting it before it caused a greater threat.

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