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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.0621° N 21.7105° W

This cove is one of the three inlets of the Ofeigsfjordur Bay. The nearest one to the east is Ofeigsfjordur and furthest east is Ingolfsfjordur. Eyvindarfjordur is rather small, and rather a large river, Eyvindarfjardara, spills into it. Hikers cross this river on a pedestrian bridge. Tradition has it, that a farm once stood at the foot of Mt Drangavikurfjall and there it is ideal for hikers to pitch their tents on their way between Ofeigsfiord and Drangavik. In the 18th century one farm, Engjanes, was inhabited.

Sagas of IcelandIn 1787 the merchant vessel Fortuna ran aground off the Engines headland and the crew perished. A dog, a cat and a few ewes were rescued from the ship. The disorganized rescue operation under the leadership of the district magistrate became even more confused, when alcoholic beverages were discovered and everyone got drunk. The freight of the vessel was of a lesser value to the rescuers than ropes, doors, furniture and such things. A large sum of money owned by the Royal Danish Trading Company and the crew disappeared and the sheriff did not bother to keep a list of the rescued items. He started an auction without announcing it and acquired many valuable things at low prices himself and he also pinched valuables. Soon afterwards he was sacked.

Eyvindafjordur is on Saga Trail Strandir

Eyvindafjordur in Icelandic

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